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New Face & Body Paint Zombie Themed Set

Have you ever wanted to be a cowboy?..., a princess?. How about a superhero or a cat... or ZOMBIE!!!

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zombie setDerivan has the face and body paint products that can help you on your way. We have a range of colours, brushes and sets that have been formulated with transformation in mind. All products are pigment dense and can be applied easily with brushes and sponges. Our Australian made and owned range is also completely non-toxic which makes it perfect for transforming any face for any occasion.

Get the Zombie look!

Discover your outer zombie with the new Derivan Zombie Face & Body Paint Set. Each kit contains a 40ml jar of white, black and red face paint, with two additional 36ml squeeze bottles of Derivan Face Paint Fake Blood.
To get the most out of your kit we have also included a set of instructions for you to create one of three zombie looks, along with a sponge and brushes.  

With this kit you can create pale flesh, sunken eyes, realistic bruises and cuts on your face and body. All products are easy to use and can be removed with soap and water. The two bottles of fake blood are easy to apply and dry to an opaque red colour so you can be assured that your transformation will remain as gruesome and disturbing as it did when you first applied it.

The Derivan Zombie Face & Body Paint Set is already available, so pick one up today and see what look you can create for the next party, Halloween or apocalypse!

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Zombie Fun...!

Did you know that, although the zombies we see in popular culture (horror and fantasy genres) are often the result of viruses and nuclear fallout, the actual origin of the zombie mythology is rooted in voodoo mysticism prevalent in Haitian folklore, (the Republic of Haiti is located in the Caribbean Sea between islands of Puerto Rico and Cuba), where it is understood, a zombie is a dead body animated by magic.
Believe it or not, they (Haiti) actually have a law in place to prevent anyone turning another person into a zombie unwillingly. zombies
Rather than the aggressive, brain eating maniacs we’ve become accustomed to, the original zombies were referred to as “the undead” and exist in an aimless animated state of stupor, brought on by a ritualistic embalming process.

Zombies anywhere, anytime.

Zombies randomly appear most commonly in comics, art, gaming, music (Michael Jackson’s Thriller video anyone?), books and of course and definitely, films. The first movie to make mention of the word zombie was the 1932 horror film White Zombie. Since then, “the undead”, have appeared in the classic film, of director George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” (1968), as well as less-than-classic appearances in films like “Teenage Zombies” (1960), “Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!” (2008) and The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies” (1964) among many others.

Zombies are relentless. They are not anymore the lumbering, slow moving, unintelligent type, but they have evolved into a more agile, far more intelligent and stronger mutated version of an infected human being, thanks to modern biological agents which we continue to experiment with and getting it totally wrong by too much confidence and carelessness. Before you know it…
       …Zombie apocalypse is here!, characterised by:


Another feature of the modern zombie is the desire to eat non-zombie human flesh, specifically brains. The reason they’re not interested in burgers with a side of chips or a roasted chicken is that the human brain contains serotonin, a hormone that is sometimes referred to as the “feel good” hormone. So that homicidal maniac that wants to sink his teeth into the nearest skull really just wants to feel good, much like the rest of us. Or maybe he’s celebrating World Zombie Day, which is October 8th.

Something to keep in mind.

zombie faces


If you find yourself surrounded by zombies be sure to take note of the following tips:
- Take your car keys with you.
- It really isn’t a good idea to “make a run for it”.
- Hiding in wardrobes or cellars with no other way out is also not a good idea.
- Never reason with a zombie. They just want to eat your brain.
- You will run out of ammunition so be sure to stock up.

If you’re interested in looking like a zombie then we have good news for you!
No more waiting for a viral outbreak, a trip to Haiti or a random nuclear holocaust. All you have to do is pick up a Derivan Zombie Face and Body Paint Set. Inside you’ll find all the items you’ll need for to recreate sunken eyes, a deathly pallor and blood red lips and wounds.

If that doesn’t quench your desire to be covered in fake zombie blood, then you can also get an extra large bottle of Derivan Fake Blood for that just splattered look that’s very popular amongst the zombie set. Once you’ve had your horrific fun the paint can be removed easily with soap and water and you can go back to being your old non-zombie self.


Derivan Zombie Face and Body Paint Set.
When you really do want to look like death warmed up.



zombie faces


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