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Derivan Ink: 3 new colours.Derivan ink 3

Expanding our pigmented inks range.

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Our current range of Derivan Inks are known for their fluid texture, lightfastness and strongly pigmented colours. In response to customer demand, we have opened up the colour range with three new additions - Turquoise, Crimson and Burnt Sienna.
Each comes in two sizes. A refillable 36ml twist lid squeeze bottle and an economical 500ml screwcap bottle. Fully intermixable, these versatile inks can be applied with brush, technical drawing pen, calligraphy nibs and airbrush, to paper, board, wood and fabric.

Many inks lack vibrancy due to poor pigmentation, but Derivan Inks are highly pigmented and must be shaken before use to ensure that the colours apply as bold and true as they look in the bottle. All Derivan Inks are non-toxic and water based.

Choose your tools,

Derivan Inks are extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways. Although many people will think of traditional bushes and nibs as the ideal equipment to use with inks, Chinese style brushes, pipettes and sprayers can also be used. Additional less obvious tools can include twigs, rubber stamps and kitchen sponges.

Choose your substrate,

The surface inks are used on also affects the way they behave. Dropping ink onto wet paper and allowing it spread to natural borders will give you a result that is completely different from ink applied with a soft brush. Different types of paper will also impact the result. Hot pressed watercolour paper will allow the ink to settle in a different way (hard edge look) to a very textured paper (softer . Inks are an ideal medium to experiment with in terms of both application and surface.

The inside story,

All Derivan Inks are pigment based. Pigment is a powdered substance that is suspended in the ink solution. It does not dissolve and become part of the solution itself. Alternatively, dye based inks are made with liquid dye that integrates completely with the ink solutions. While there are advantages to both inks, the area which pigment inks excel is fade resistance. Dye inks initially seem more vibrant, but become less so over time when they are exposed to light. In comparison, pigment inks are less likely to fade and retain great colour stability. They are also easier to control, as the suspended pigment gives them less ‘slip’ and are sightly more opaque, particularly if applied directly from the bottle. 

Due to their high pigment level, Derivan Inks can be diluted with water to create subtle washes of colours that behave in a similar manner as watercolours. Experimenting with different ratios of water to ink allows the artist to crate a range of colour effects.  In addition, using a combination of washes creates depth through light and shade and layering colours can result in effects not achievable with either watercolour or acrylic paint.

Clean Up,

Derivan Inks are washable in water, making clean up of utensils quick and easy. However, the nature of Derivan Inks water resistant properties means that dried ink will need to be cleaned in Matisse Ink Cleaner. Simply soak dirty equipment in Matisse Ink Cleaner and then, wash up in warm soapy water.

As in any other art activity, it is best to wear protective clothing whe working with artist quality products. As Derivan Ink is an artist quality pigmented ink, it would be difficult to remove from clothing when dried. We advise to wash stains immediately with cold water and household soap, taking care not to spread the stain. Dry stains will need to be soaked overnight in lukewarm soapy water. Laundry detergents and strong cleaners will tend to drive the stain further into the fabric fibers, therefore making difficult to remove stains completely and may become permanent. Do not use hot water, chemical solvents or thinners.

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