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Brush Hand Cleaner Brush Restorer


MM34 Brush & Hand Cleaner and MM35 Brush Restorer


You can now safely and effectively clean your brushes and hands without harmful chemicals. Restore and deep clean brushes by removing dried up acrylic or oil paint residue. With 100% all natural ingredients and non toxic to you or the environment.


MM34 Brush & Hand Cleaner | MM35 Brush Restorer





Artist Paul McCarthy demonstrates the NEW non toxic 100% natural MM34 Brush & Hand Cleaner from Derivan.

Artist Paul McCarthy demonstrates the NEW non toxic 100% natural Derivan Matisse MM35 Brush Restorer from Derivan.


MM34 Brush & Hand Cleaner

Cleaning up at the end of a day in the studio might be the last thing you want to do but with MM34 cleaning up your brushes and hands is a breeze. 

Matisse MM34 Brush & Hand Cleaner was created in response to requests for a gentle cleaner that can remove paint from both brushes and hands. By using MM34 you can be safe in the knowledge that you are using a product that is a naturally derived and made from replenishable natural resources and contains no hazardous toxic or polluting ingredients. It is grey water and septic tank safe, and completely biodegradable without effluent treatment processes.

arrow Available in 75ml tube and 250ml bottle.

infoHow To Use It:

swooshCleaning brushes

Clean excess paint off brush, rinse brush with warm water.  Work Brush & Hand Cleaner into a lather on brush and hands, rinse and repeat until water runs clear. Reform the tip with your fingers to reshape bristles and dry flat to prevent excess moisture gathering at the base of the bristles.  If dried paint has made a brush unusable, don’t throw it away use Derivan Brush Restorer to bring your brush back to life.


 Wet skin and apply a small amount of Matisse MM34 Hand and Brush Cleaner to skin. Lather and massage hands to remove all traces of paint.





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MM35 Brush Restorer

Don’t you hate looking at dried paint on your paintbrush, much regret!  We have designed Matisse MM35 to bring your brush back to new again. 


Matisse MM35 Brush Restorer is designed to replace dangerous, butyl-based cleaners with a powerful safe and plant based alternative. It can remove dried, built up paint from brushes without the use of harsh chemicals and dangerous fumes. MM35 Matisse Brush Restorer contains natural solvents and vegetable-derived detergents which are not hazardous to humans, animals or the ecosystem. It is free-rinsing and will not corrode brush ferrules. It is also grey water and septic tank safe, and completely biodegradable without effluent treatment processes.

arrow Available in 250ml bottle.


infoHow to Use it:

Soak brush in Derivan Brush restorer overnight, this will loosen the paint.  Rinse with water to remove the paint residue.  If brush is not completely clean work brush restorer into bristles with fingers for several minutes then rinse with water.


Store in a cool, dry place.


Avoid contact with skin eyes. Rinse with water if this occurs. Wash hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water after handling.





Just as many artists are sensitive to their environment, we at Derivan are also sensitive to our impact on the environment. We have always endeavored to develop art products that help keep our world as pretty as a picture, through minimising waste and environmentally aware manufacturing processes.

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