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Derivan Open Day 2011 Banner


The theme for Derivan Open Day 2012 was a homage to Clint Eastwood with the slogan “feeling arty punk?..., go ahead..., Paint my day” – and that’s just what happened!
Our normally functional factory was tuned into a platform showcasing stands, free classes, products, demonstrations and tours throughout the day. The record number of 600 visitors soon found out that the Derivan Open Day 2012 was the place to be for all things artistic and inspirational!

The weather was perfect and we all enjoyed a rewarding day indoors and out. A few memories, as images of the day, are displayed below that we would like to share with you.


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  Derivan Slogan




open day sizzleAs you might expect, the free classes were a highlight. It was great to see people who had never picked up a paintbrush attending classes and having a go. Particularly popular was the workshop Fundamentals of colour and Design, which were heavily attended by both beginners and more experienced artists. Life Drawing was also a highlight for many people who wanted to try drawing without committing to a series of classes. And all attendees who did the Potato Stamp Blossom Workshop came back and collected their projects after they had been left to dry – always a good sign!

The one thing that was noticeable was the different ages of attendees. From families with small children, senior artists and teenagers, it seemed everyone was there to enjoy themselves, and with activities such as a giant paint by numbers and totem pole painting, parents were assured that their children had something fun to do while adults attended classes and watched demonstrations.


The first 200 visitors through the door, received a specially designed Derivan Open Day 2012 canvas bag. In previous years we’ve given a bag full of goodies, but this year, in line with our low waste policy, bag recipients got to choose which items, from a selected options list, they would like to try.
We also offered visitors the opportunity to customise their Derivan Open Day 2012 bags by running a workshop that allowed them to screenprint a design onto their bag and colour it in if desired! All who took part on this workshop donated a gold coin for a chance to personalise their carry bags with all proceeds going to Variety the Childrens’ Charity.
Other fundraising activities for Variety The Children’s Charity included a sausage sizzle, Open Day T-shirts sales and a chance to create your own "groovy" abstract masterpiece by using our Spin Art machine.  We’re happy to say we raised close to $500 and we’ll be doing the same thing next year.

As part of the fun, a giant paint-by-numbers mural was created and also a group of totem poles (recycled oversized cardboard tubes) were artfully decorated under the creative guidance of artist Margaret Lopez. All visitors were welcomed to grab a brush and be part of these interactive artworks. This year, for the first time, Derivan held an exhibition of artworks by students from local High Schools (Riverside Girls High, Auburn Girls High, Homebsh Boys High and Burwood Girls High) that culminated with a people's choice awards at the end of the day. The theme for the exhibition was "DERIVATIVE - artwork derived from another".

Some have asked why we do the Derivan Open Day at all. Of course, like any business we understand that publicity is a good thing. But more than that, we want to give something back to the community that has supported our family business for over 47 years.

Steven Patterson, our CEO, is also justifiably proud of the Australian company he and his family built on principles of sustainability and green business practices. It takes an enormous amount of research to implement the policies and procedures that Derivan operates on, and Steven passes this on in the popular factory tours that he does every Open Day.
The final thing that we want to do is encourage creativity. For some, the Derivan  Open Day is a non-intimidating opportunity to see what is out there in the art world.

As the band played its final song and the staff began to pack up, we all hoped that people took home a little bit of that magic ingredieVariety Charity Logont that can make all the difference.

It’s called inspiration.



Thanks and see you next year!




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Enjoy some captured moments and faces on the day...

...but definitely not all of them.


totem poles looking art exhibition
happy observing helping
unusual art coffee cart happy visitor
steven patterson printing table peter


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Artists and demonstrators display and showvarious techniques and materials on the day including life model drawing, printing techniques, miniature figure painting and gaming, decorative art, calligraphy, painting and much more.

Annie McMahon Australian Society of Calligraphers Australian society of miniature arts
Catherine Harry Denise Shulik Decoupage guild of nsw
Donna Gilbertson Folk & Decorative Art Association Fired Up Arts
Ian Mallet Jodie Graham Leanne Jones
Karen Dimmock Liebby Elias Medowbank TAFE
Mellissa Read-Devine Nudge Blacklock Ocker Downs Crafts
Pam Jones Petros Hovaghimian Rudy and Zachary
Sarah Jordan Sonja Smith Tony Cable
Ty Gock, Chris Shai-He Phillippa Thomas Kate Wilkie



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Everyone joined in the fun or sat down for a rest and a bite to eat enjoying the sweet sounds of our guest band supported by the musical skills of Derivan's CEO Mr Steven Patterson.


Performing Band The Capitols1
colour splat middle
Performing Band The Capitols2
Performing Band The Capitols3
dancing to the beat
the band in action
colour splat middle
band male vocalist
band female vocalist



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Visitors were able to try and discover the range of DERIVAN quality paints and mediums by participating in free workshops and factory tours conducted throughout the day.


Waiting for the next session
screenprinting a bag  
wating for next workshop
Factory tour with Steven Patterson
Factory tour audience
factory tour  
factory tour audience
Chalk Art
Gelatine printmaking
chalk art   wendy shortland workshop
Painting by numbers
Painting onto fabric Workshop
t shirt printing 3   paint a dragon workshop
Totem poles
Potato Blossoms Workshop
totem poles   potato blossom workshop
A helping hand
Colour and Design Workshop
gerard smith   paul macarthy
Colour and Design Workshop
Stencil Art
paul mcarthy teaching   stencil painting
DERIVATIVE Art Exhibition
Student's artwork on show
derivative exhibition   derivative exhibition entries



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The most visited and busiest corner in our factory enjoyed by children and a few adults alike. Face and plaster painting, role playing and dinosaur painting wrere some of the activities enjoyed on the day.


Face Painting
Face painting on Peter  
face painting
Miniatures Painting and Gaming
Ty Gock game strategy  
Ty Gock gaming table
Dinosaur and Plaster Painting
plaster painting kids miniature painting
Chalkboard Painting
chalkboard paint on show   chalkboard paint demonstration


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Go ahead...., Paint my day!!

All in all the Derivan Open Day 2012 shaped up to be a day of fun and inspiration.


Thank you to everyone who participated and attended, making this year's Open Day another enjoyable and creative experience.
It would make our day to see you next year - and make yours as well!

...the date is October 19th, 2013

bizmark leaving town



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