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Best Quality Watercolour Paints | Watercolour Paint Sets

best quality watercolour paints

 Why are Derivan the best quality watercolour paints?  When we started to create our Derivan watercolour, we had a goal to create a superior product at an affordable price.  We wanted them to be a single series (meaning the same price for each tube), but we wanted them to be lightfast of the 24 colours in the range are listed as ASTM 1 and ASTM2 *for a paint to be considered artist quality, it should be lightfast or permanent, with an ASTM rating of 1 or  2.  We also wanted the label to reflect the quality, so each label has the pigment listed and hand-painted with the colour so artists can make an informed decision and see exactly what they are getting. 

watercolour paint sets

 We have put together some sets to get you started and inspired.  Looking for a watercolour introduction set? The Portable watercolour Beginner Set has everything you need. We have chosen the best primary colours for colour mixing and added pallets, pans, brushes and paper. Perfect if you are starting out.  If you are looking for inspiration?  The Jellyfish and the Bird of Paradise painting projects come with the colours and brushes that you along with templates and instructions.

Watercolour Palette with 10 pans
19.34 19.34 19.34 AUD Add to Cart

21.27 21.27 inc GST

Watercolour Paint
8.50 8.50 8.5 AUD Add to Cart

9.35 9.35 inc GST

Watercolour Brush Set - Derivan
16.58 16.58 16.580000000000002 AUD Add to Cart

18.24 18.24 inc GST

School of Fish Watercolour Pencil Set
43.36 43.36 43.36 AUD Add to Cart

47.70 47.70 inc GST

Portable Watercolour Beginners Box Set
113.26 113.26 113.26 AUD Add to Cart

124.59 124.59 inc GST

Jelly Fish Watercolour Set
73.57 73.57 73.57000000000001 AUD Add to Cart

80.93 80.93 inc GST

Bird of Paradise Watercolour set
82.92 82.92 82.92 AUD Add to Cart

91.21 91.21 inc GST

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