Pure Natural Watercolour Sable 4 Brush Set


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    This four-piece watercolour brush set has four round natural sable brushes with a natural springiness, durability and softness ideal for delicate watercolour techniques.

    How To Care for your Watercolour Brushes ?

    -       Mix a small amount of soap and water into a lather and massage into the bristles. Rinse with water. Reform the tip with your fingers and dry flat to prevent excess moisture from gathering at the base of the bristles.

    -       Dry brushes can be stored either upright or flat in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

    -       Do not leave brushes standing tip down in a water container for extended periods. The bristles may become permanently distorted and loose.

    -       Place brushes in a brush holder while you are working or lay them down flat to avoid undue pressure on the bristles.

    -       Some staining of the bristles of synthetic brushes is likely to occur and will not impact the future use of the brush,         assuming it has been thoroughly cleaned.