Derivan Liquid Pencil 12ml

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All shades in the Derivan Liquid Pencil range were created using natural graphite powder, just like those used in the more familiar solid form and most commonly known as the active ingredient in lead pencils. 

Graphite is a common, naturally occurring form of carbon, non-toxic. When carbon compounds are subjected to extreme pressure and heat, it converts to crystalline graphite. However, not all graphites are equal.

There are different types of natural graphite, each sourced from different types of ore deposits and each intended for a variety of uses like, lubricants, batteries, household and automobile paints and, of course, as artist medium. Graphite in various grades of softness or hardness results in different qualities and tones when used in artist media. 

Different regions on the planet produce graphite with unique properties. For example, the graphite powder used in Liquid Pencil Grey 3 is sourced from China and has a partially formed structure that contains additional compounds, which give it a deep black colour with a blue undertone. In contrast, the graphite used in Liquid Pencil Grey 9 comes from Sri Lanka and has a more uniform chemical structure that imparts a silver metallic sheen to the finish.

Specifications for Derivan Liquid Pencil 12ml

Acrylic Attributes
Size 12ml
Colour YELLOW or RED or GREY 9 or GREY 3 or SEPIA or BLUE
Type Permanent or Rewetable