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Drying Retarder

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Buy Drying Retarder | For Acrylic Paint - Derivan

Retarder as the name suggests retards or slows the drying time of the paint. 

There are two ways to use this medium. The first is to use up to 3% Retarder to colour; this will result in a slightly more fluid colour that will stay wet for much longer. The second method is to put the Retarder in a hand-pumped spray bottle (atomiser) and spray it onto the painting you want to keep wet. (The spray bottle should create a mist, not a hard squirt). 

Additions of drying retarder to mixing water may be used in water colouring, water wash effects, stain painting and hard-edge techniques where it assists in pigment wetting, rapid colour diffusion and penetration.

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