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Airbrush Techniques

Matisse Flow Formula has been especially designed with the airbrush artist in mind. Matisse Flow, in conjunction with selected Matisse Mediums, can be used for the vast majority of airbrush applications.

The pigments used in the Matisse Flow Formula have been milled down to a particle size small enough to easily flow through the finest of airbrushes.

Matisse Flow Formula will dry waterfast and lightfast. It is suitable for all airbrush work including illustration, fine art, cartoon work, graphic design and mural work.

Matisse Flow Formula can also be used for automotive detail work when covered by a protective clear lacquer, and has been used extensively in the automotive design area. Clear automotive lacquers can be used over the top of Matisse Flow to give a tough weatherproof finish normally associated with automotive finishes.

Because of the very fine particle size, Matisse Flow Formula can be used with the smallest tip or needle size, as fine as 0.1.

To use Matisse Flow Formula (or Matisse Structure Formula) with an airbrush, use a mixture of MM3 Surface Tension Breaker diluted 1 part with 9 parts water, to thin the paint to the desired viscosity. The airbrush artist will find that far less water is required to achieve the same viscosity (as "chemical thinning" has taken place); therefore the colours will be far stronger and more intense than if the paint had just been "let down" with water alone. If the airbrush appears to be clogging regularly, add a few drops of MM1 Drying Retarder to the mixture and this will help to slow the drying time. If waterfastness is a concern, additions of 30-40% of MM9 Acrylic Painting Medium will increase the binding capacity of the mixture.