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Derivan Brush Sets: Essential Tools for Artists Everywhere

No matter the medium—Acrylics, Oils, Watercolours, Ink, or Gouache—every artist's heart beats for that perfect brush. Derivan presents a selection of brush sets tailored to the diverse needs of artists, craftspeople, hobbyists, and students alike. Each set is a testimony to our commitment to quality, versatility, and sustainability, packaged in a recyclable, see-through hang-sell box. 

Long Handle Derivan Brush Sets: Mastering Distance and Detail

When your canvas calls for a bold approach from afar, our long-handle brush sets step up to the challenge. Crafted for those who stand back but dive deep into the artistry of oil and acrylic painting, these brushes offer the control and freedom every easel-bound artist desires.

Golden Synthetic: The Professional's Choice by Derivan

Choose Derivan's Golden Synthetic Professional Brush Sets for a multi-medium experience—acrylics, gouache, watercolours, or oils. These fine synthetic hair brushes boast medium stiffness, perfect for artists who demand fine detail and enduring strength.

Bristle Hair Sets: The Derivan Standard for Texture

Our Bristle Hair Professional Brush Sets are the cornerstone for artists who crave texture and vigour in their strokes. With the natural hog bristle's 'flag', these brushes capture more paint, delivering a performance as raw as the materials.