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Buy Derivan Watercolours: A Symphony of Brilliance and Quality

Experience the unique brilliance of Australian light and colour with Derivan Watercolours. Handcrafted in Sydney, Australia, our watercolours are produced using traditional stone mill techniques, meticulously preserving the luminosity of each pigment.

Our acrylic artist paintings have always been popular. At Derivan, we are always looking to improve our products and that is exactly what we have done with this product. We have re-evaluated some of the formulas and integrated them into a new range of colour systems. 

This new system includes not only acrylic paint, but also watercolour and oil paint (soon available). As part of this system, the Derivan Acrylic acrylic colour range is consistent on two other different substrates, watercolours and oils. 

Why a consistent range of colours for three different types of paint? This can be particularly useful when creating a multimedia project with single-colour colours, or for oil painters who prefer to apply acrylic layers before adding oil paint. It also encourages artists to experiment with colours they like, but in different formulations. 

All Derivan acrylics are also packaged in new lightweight metal tubes. Plastic tubes tend to return to their original shape after being compressed, sucking air into the tube. Over time, acrylic paint can thicken. The metal tubes retain their "compressed" shape, which also minimizes exposure to air and allows the artist to flatten the tube and access the last remaining paint. 

So, while we updated the tube, we kept our transparent cap and a dried sample of the actual paint color will appear on the labels of each tube.

While many watercolours find their roots in Europe, Derivan Watercolours are formulated with vivid hues and distinct clarity of Australian light in mind. Our selection of 24 colours is a testament to our commitment to capturing Australia's unique interplay of light and shade.

 All colours can be mixed to form bright secondary and tertiary colours. They will not get confused like some brands of acrylic paints in this category.

The superior performance of Derivan Watercolours lies in our precise selection of pigments, dispersed in a pure Gum Arabic solution with occasional Oxgall additions for optimal flow. We've experimented with pigments from across the globe to achieve colours that meld seamlessly with water, resulting in watercolours of exceptional brilliance and high permanence ratings.

 As Derivan acrylic is a professional quality paint, it is difficult to remove it from clothes once dry. We advise to wash the stains immediately with cold water and Marseille soap, taking care not to spread the stain. Dry stains should be soaked overnight in warm soapy water. Do not use hot water, chemical solvents or thinners. 

Harnessing the Power of Pigments in Watercolours

 We minimise fillers to allow our pigments to take centre stage, working harmoniously with water. The particle size and quality of our pigments play a pivotal role in the transparency of our watercolours, offering artists the chance to layer and explore the texture of their paper.

 Derivan Acrylic is a non-toxic water-based acrylic paint that bears the certification seal of the Arts and Craft Materials Institute of the United States (AP Label), which is safe for artists to use. The Derivan Acrylic range contains no heavy metals, lead or toxic solvents. Even if it is not toxic, it is advisable to keep it out of the reach of young children as it has very strong binding properties.