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Animal Testing, Vegan ingredients 

With two exceptions (described below), Derivan does not use animal products or animal derivatives in any of the paints or Varnishes produced. Derivan most certainly does not support animal testing and have never used this as far as present staff can remember and records show - with that said Derivan does use over 1200 different ingredients and, more specifically with the Derivan face paints, which comply with cosmetics regulations and requirements, many of these raw materials would have once been tested on animals by the raw material manufacturers, with many of these products we have no choice but to use them to comply with regulations, the trend over the last number of years has been a move away from animal testing even in cosmetic raw materials.

One exception is a colour Derivan make in the Matisse professional range called Ivory Black – obviously, it is not made from Ivory (this is a traditional name), but we understand that the pigment is made from the burnt bones, which are a by-product of abattoirs - it is recycling as it were -however this is the only product and is only found in the colour called Ivory black. 

The other exception is the Derivan Watercolour range which may contain a small amount of honey (colour dependant); this is used as a bactericide and to improve flow.

The "carmine" colour that we have is not made on Carmic Acid/Cochineal - as it is an animal product and it is not lightfast - but rather our colour is made on a "synthetic" pigment developed to give a similar colour. 

Derivan is diligent in avoiding animal products and derivatives where possible (with the above exceptions); however, Derivan can not guarantee the raw materials used do not contain trace derivatives from intermingled production by our suppliers. Therefore if you are relying on this information and suffer from life-threatening allergies to some animal derivatives, we would recommend consulting your medical team, they can contact us directly for further information on your chosen Derivan products.

Ethical Innovation in Acrylics

At Matisse Derivan, we infuse every hue with respect for all life forms. Discover our commitment:

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