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At Derivan, we deeply value the communities we serve and are always eager to support creative initiatives through sponsorship and influencer affiliate programs . We receive numerous requests, and each one is important to us as we seek to contribute to worthwhile causes.

To ensure each proposal receives the attention it deserves and to enable effective planning, we ask for a minimum of 6 weeks lead time for all sponsorship requests. This helps us maintain a high standard of support and ensures we can make a difference together.

We look forward to hearing about your unique projects and initiatives. Please ensure you apply with enough time for us to consider your request fully. Let's colour the world together

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Zhang | Winner of the 2023 Derivan People's Choice Award at the Ravenswood Art Prize

Congratulations to Louise Zhang for her outstanding achievement in securing the People's Choice Award with her mesmerising work, "Lucheng (One Part of Home)." This acrylic masterpiece on canvas, beautifully encased in a custom frame with a satin 2-pack paint finish, measures 122 x 203 cm and captivates viewers with its depth and craftsmanship.

Louise Zhang's artistry is deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of traditional Chinese shanshui landscape painting, a practice that translates to 'mountain and water.' Revered since the Daoist poets and artists of the fourth and fifth centuries, shanshui paintings are more than just visual art; they are a gateway to storytelling and imagination. Zhang’s work invites the viewer through captivating landscapes, blending historical inspiration with her unique narrative vision.

Honouring Heritage: Xavier Ghazi Wins 2023 Derivan Excellence Prize

We are thrilled to announce Xavier Ghazi as the recipient of the 2023 Derivan Work of Excellence Prize. At the 2023 Glebe Art Show Xavier's compelling piece, "The Remembering, Truganini," is an acrylic on canvas masterpiece that delves deep into the poignant history of Tasmania's Aboriginal people through the life of Truganini. Believed to have been the last surviving Tasmanian Aboriginal, Truganini's life story is a profound narrative of resilience amidst the tragedy that occurred to her people.

Oil portrait 'Malcolm Whyte' by Nick Mesics, Artist Choice Award winner, featuring Malcolm's smile and eyes

Intergenerational Connections Through Art: Nick Mesics Awarded 2023 Artist Choice at 100 Canberra

Nick Mesics, the recipient of the Artist Choice Award at the Centenarian Portrait Project, 100 Canberra brings to the canvas the vibrant story of Malcolm Whyte, a centenarian who defies the conventional bounds of aging. 

A Portrait of Independence and Legacy

From the moment Nick met Malcolm, Malcolm's independence and vitality struck him. Living alone on the second floor without an elevator, Malcolm's daily life is a testament to his autonomy and zest for life. Through his portrait, Mesics illuminates Malcolm’s rich personal history—his childhood in India, symbolised by the colours of the Indian flag in his eyes, and his Scottish ancestry, represented by the McGregor tartan background.

​Celebrating Intergenerational Art: Rika Jammer Wins 2023 People’s Choice at 100 Canberra

Rika Jammer's portrait "Laurie Hancock" won the Embraced  People’s Choice at the 100 Canberra Exhibition, a standout in showcasing generational connections through art. Her pencil work captures Laurie, a centenarian with a vibrant tale of courage, love, and contentment, reflecting the project's aim to bridge age gaps and celebrate life's rich narratives.

A Tale Captured in Pencil

Jammer's "Laurie Hancock" brings Laurie's adventures from Sydney’s eastern suburbs to his impactful service in New Guinea and Timor and his cherished family life in Canberra. The portrait goes beyond Laurie's 100 years, revealing a man of fun, wisdom, and humility, mirrored in Rika’s reflections and connection with him.

Rika Jammer's 'Laurie Hancock' portrait, the People’s Choice winner at the 100 Canberra Exhibition

The 2023 Derivan Award of Excellence Winner at the Castle Hill Art Society Awards

During the vibrant Orange Blossom Festival in September, Matisse Derivan was proud to sponsor the Derivan Award of Excellence at the Castle Hill Art Society Awards. This partnership highlights our commitment to nurturing local artistic talent and celebrating the creativity within the Hills community.

A Night of Artistic Achievement

The highlight of this year’s awards was the Derivan Award of Excellence presentation to Belinda Baynes for her stunning work, “Pink Lemonade Days Again.” The award night, held on September 14th and presided over by Hills Mayor Dr Peter Gangemi, showcased our community's rich tapestry of artistic talent in the Castle Hill area

Jaime Krausmann Wins Derivan Award of Excellence at National Art School's 2023 Graduation Show

Discover "Lazarus Again," the compelling artwork by National Art School graduate Jaime Krausmann, celebrated winner of the 2023 Derivan Award of Excellence. Krausmann's exploration of existential themes and the human form through a neo-figurative lens sets "Lazarus Again" apart as a masterpiece of deep contemplation and artistic innovation.

This award underscores Krausmann's unique ability to blend abstraction with precise representation, inviting viewers into a reflective dialogue with the artwork. "Lazarus Again" is not just a painting; it's an invitation to witness the transformative power of painting in the hands of a visionary artist.

2023 Derivan Award of Excellence in Acrylics at the Ku-ring-gai Art Society’s Annual Awards Exhibition

​Near the Water Hole," the striking piece by Yvonne Langshaw that clinched the top spot at the Ku-ring-gai Art Society’s Annual Awards Exhibition. This acrylic on canvas (76 x 92 cm) is inspired by the natural beauty of the Illara Water Hole in the Northern Territory, showcasing abstract interpretations of its unique rock formations and vivid colours.

Yvonne's artwork, realised with our Matisse acrylic paints, highlights the dynamic blend of flow and structure, embodying the essence of the landscape with vibrant textures and hues. Her achievement is a testament to her talent and underscores the quality and versatility of Matisse acrylics in bringing artistic visions to life.

Congratulations to Yvonne on her well-deserved win.

ASMA National Awards 2022

We are thrilled to announce that artist Adrienne Baigent has been awarded the prestigious Derivan Award for Acrylic/Gouache. Her captivating artwork titled 'After the Catch' impressed the judges with its controlled use of paint, skilful composition, and harmonious colours.

 KAS Award Exhibition 2022

We're excited to celebrate the winners of the KAS Award Exhibition 2022! A special congratulations to Mark Cambourn, who received the 1st Prize in the Acrylic/Gouache category for his captivating piece, "Meatworks, Forbes NSW." Mark's exceptional talent and skilful use of acrylic and gouache techniques make his artwork stand out. Join us in applauding Mark's achievement and appreciating the incredible art showcased at this year's exhibition.


Congrats to the two winners of the TCPPBT 2022 Awards 

TCPPBT with the Artist's Choice Award Winner: The winner is Elliott West for his outstanding portrait of Grace

TCPPBT with the People's Choice Award Winner: The winner is Jasmine Kinder for her outstanding portrait of Ivy
winners of the T
winners of the T
The Glebe Art Show 2022

The Glebe Art Show 2022

Congratulations to winner of the Work of Excellence Prize $500 in materials sponsored by Derivan, Fleur Stenson for her Painting 

The Last Night 

63 x 53cm  Acrylic,Board


ASMA National Awards 2022

Congratulation to Ruth Bosveld for Winner First Prize for Table Cape Sunrise


ASMA National Awards 2022
Brunswick Street Gallery | Fifty Squared Art Prize 2021

Brunswick Street Gallery | Fifty Squared Art Prize 2021

Congratulations to Amanda Prince, the lucky winner of the Derivan People’s Choice, with her cyanotype ‘Greece=Aura’.

Image: ‘Greece=Aura', Amanda Prince, hand printed cyanotype, 49x38.5cm.

A Central Vision 

NSW Government Education 

Congratulation to Charles Mann of Gosford High School for winning the Derivan's Highly Commended Art Prize for Not Me!  and also to Lauren Morris from Terrigal High School for also winning Derivan's Highly commended for her artwork When Soft Voices Die.

A Central Vision prize winner


Derivan is partnering with Good360 Australia to help students access the goods they need during Back to School. Good360 are a matchmaker and connect businesses surplus brand-new goods to people most in need.

Donate a Good360 Empower Pack today and help a student start the year with a smile. In Australia 1 in 6 children are living in poverty, often they have to go without some of the essential items they need to start the school year. Support the Good360 Empower Packs campaign and you’ll help children go Back to School with the essential goods they need to succeed. Care packs contain Back to School essentials including stationery, drink bottles, pencil cases and more. 

Give an Empower Pack today and help a child start school with a smile!

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WWAS: 9×5 Landscape Prize 2020

WWAS: 9×5 Landscape Prize 2020

Congratulations to Susan Roberts for her painting: "We didn’t light the fire"
The winner of the Highly Commended Prize for this year 9 x 5 Landscape Prize at the 

Waverley Woollahra Art School

Drummoyne Art Society Inc.

Congratulations to the 2020 Drummoyne Art Society Online Members Art Exhibition.

"Art Award for Acrylic Excellence" sponsored by Derivan winner. 

Awarded to Ms Leeka Gruzdeff for her painting La Salsa Size: 23cm x 30cm - acrylic on paper

Drummoyne Art Society Inc.

79th ASOC Spring exhibition 2020

Congratulations to  Ian Sharp for his painting: "Path by the Queanbeyan River"
( Best Acrylics  category ) for the 79th ASOC Spring exhibition 2020

judges' comment: 

''The formal aspects of this painting create a poetic movement of rhythm and balance across the surface of the painting.''



Congratulations to JACOB TCHERNA

The winner of the People’s Choice Award Derivan Prize as selected by public vote by visitors to the Fifty Squared Art Prize.


Congratulations to Eve Pitt with Clean the pantry or paint for Winning the Derivan Prize at the 2019 Glebe Art Show this year. Close to 400 people attended with Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney and Jamie Parker, State Member for Balmain presenting prizes.

The list of winners is up on our website and the full

catalogue of 2019 artworks is available at

Leukaemia Foundation @ LIGHT THE NIGHT

Derivan is extremely honoured to be sponsoring this years Light the Night lantern walk for the Leukaemia Foundation. Click on the link above for more information about this wonderful fundraiser.

Antonia Perriconemrljak

2019 Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

Derivan was excited to sponsor the talented Antonia Perriconemrljak, creating a masterpiece at the 2019 Sydney Contemporary Art Fair - from 12 - 15 of September at Carriage-works. 


@ Gallery 307 Art School

Congratulations to Kate Gradwell for winning the Derivan Award for Excellence in Acrylics for her work titled “Every City Needs Lungs”.

Since 1964, Derivan has been committed to providing the arts community with the world’s finest-quality artist acrylic colours and medium, proudly manufactured in Sydney Australia. Derivan is proud to be partnering with TAFE NSW to offer this inaugural art prize, supporting the next generation of emerging artists. Derivan has a long association with TAFE NSW. This prize is open to all current and past TAFE NSW students, enrolled post January 2018.

Danielle Mate Sullivan

& WINYA Furniture

Team up with Derivan to paint live at the Salone del Mobile in Milan Italy, this April 2019.


at the Sydney Swans Red Day, May 19th 2019.

Derivan Supporting Redkite and Sydney Swans for a incredibly important fundraiser helping Children and young people with Cancer. go to for more details

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