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Glitter Glue / Kindy Glitz

Sparkle Your Crafts with Derivan Kindy Glitz

Discover Derivan Kindy Glitz, the go-to glitter glue that's child-safe, acid-free, and dries to a sparkling finish. Available in 36ml and 135ml bottles, it's perfect for all your papercrafts and cardmaking projects. For more ideas, visit our Kindy Glitz project page and explore our kindy glitz sets.

If you're wondering where to find Kindy Glitz in Australia, you're already in the right place. Skip the search and get straight to the sparkle. Why settle for anything less when you can have the best?

Derivan Kindy Glitz: The Sparkle Australia Adores

Why Choose Derivan Kindy Glitz: The Glitter Glue Aussies Love

Regarding glitter glue, Derivan Kindy Glitz is the name that shines brightest in Australia. Crafters, artists, and DIY enthusiasts have trusted Kindy Glitz for decades. Discover why it's the go-to glitter glue down under.

Kindy Glitz Australia: A Rainbow of Possibilities

Looking for a splash of colour? Kindy Glitz offers a dazzling array of 24  hues, perfect for any project. Whether you're crafting cards or creating stunning artwork, Kindy Glitz has the colour palette to make your creations pop.

Kindy Glitz Glitter Glue: More Than Just Sparkle

What sets Kindy Glitz apart? It's not just the sparkle; it's the quality. Our glitter glue is acid-free and archival-quality, ensuring your projects not only dazzle but endure.

Craft Ideas with Kindy Glitz: Unleash Your Creativity

Kindy Glitz is versatile enough for all your crafting needs, from scrapbooking to home decor. Its quick-drying formula and vibrant colours make it the perfect choice for various projects.

Why Kindy Glitz is the Spotlight of Every Craft Project

Looking for that extra touch that puts your project in the spotlight? Kindy Glitz is your answer. With its vibrant colours and lasting quality, it's the secret ingredient that makes every craft project shine.

 All colours can be mixed to form bright secondary and tertiary colours. They will not get confused like some brands of acrylic paints in this category.

8.49 8.49 AUD
8.49 8.49 AUD