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Silk Screen | Print Paste | Derivan Printing Gel

Derivan Printing Gel is used in silk screen printing with  Both Derivan Student and Derivan Acrylic can be mixed with Derivan Printing Gel to keep the colours from drying and clogging the screen mesh. Using this medium, many prints can be made at one time without having to clean the mesh between every print. Screen printing can be done on paper or board.

Printing Gel is also used to reduce colour strength when transparent colours are required for printing. Mix the Printing Gel into the colour until desired transparency is reached.

Printing Gel is also an excellent inexpensive craft glue for paper.

Available in 250ml, 500ml and 2 Litre sizes.



printing gel in 250mL jar

How To Screen Print With Acrylics

Derivan Print Gel 

The best inks you can use for screen printing on paper are acrylics; however, you want to add a medium with them to make things a little bit easier.  One of those mediums is printing gel, so you mix the printing gel in with the paint acrylics. You can use either Derivan Acrylics or Derivan Student using Derivan Print Gel. It will help slow the drying time of the acrylic and allow you to wash it out more easily when you clean the screen. Acrylics are fantastic on paper because they are water fast,  lightfast and permanent, and of course, quite economical. Using Derivan Print Gel for screen printing means you don't have to go out and buy special printing inks; you've got them there ready to go. Adding printing gel to the acrylics will slow the drying time in the screen, so you've got a bit more time to work and make it easier to wash the inks out when you come to the end of your printing. 

It will also reduce the colour down depending on how much printing gel you add to the paint. It will increase the transparency of the colours, and so, therefore, you can layer different colours over each other. I.e. put a yellow over a blue and get a green and that sort of thing so you can get some exciting effects just by reducing the strength of the colour.  If you use a small amount, say five per cent printing gel, you'll get a pretty opaque sort of colour.  For example, let's say you're putting a black down for an outline or with text you want it to be as strong as you can get it pretty well, so you may only add 5% to help slow the drying time helps lubricate it through the screen help wash it out that's fine.  Or if you've got black and want to turn it into grey, you can mix it up to about 20 or 30 per cent printing gel or one-part printing gel to two parts paint. Note if you add any more than that, the paint may become water sensitive because you're reducing the binder content of the colour now. That's fine if you're going to treat the work knowing that it's water-sensitive, you can add 99 printing gel and one per cent paint but keep in mind that it goes from being water fast; in other words, it won't wash off your paper to being a little water-sensitive, and that happens with the progression of the ratio so don't add any more than one part printing gel to two parts paint and you'll be fine please do keep in mind though the printing gel is only for paper.

Derivan Printing Gel
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