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Watercolour / Watercolour Pencils

Derivan Water Colour Pencils: The Artist's Choice

Experience the finest in artistic expression with our premium water colour pencils. Crafted from top-tier, fully water-soluble pigments, these water colour pencils promise exceptional lightfastness. Whether you prefer the distinctive finish of traditional coloured pencils or the timeless watercolour effect, our water colour pencils cater to your every need.

Watercolour pencils are a versatile tool in an artist's arsenal, offering the precision of coloured pencils and the ability to create watercolour effects. When used dry, Derivan Water Colour Pencils behave like traditional coloured pencils, perfect for detailed line work and shading. However, when you add water to the mix, they transform, creating beautiful watercolour effects. This can be done by applying water with a brush after you've drawn or by wetting the pencil tip before drawing. This dual functionality makes watercolour pencils an excellent choice for various artistic styles and techniques, from watercolour paintings and mixed media to botanical studies and cross-hatching.

The primary difference between watercolour pencils and coloured pencils is their interaction with water.

Coloured pencils are made with a wax or oil-based binder that holds the pigment together, which means they are not water-soluble. They are used for dry applications and are excellent for detailed work, layering, and blending.

On the other hand, watercolour pencils contain a water-soluble binder. When used dry, they behave much like regular coloured pencils. However, when you add water, either by wetting the paper or the pencil tip, the pigment dissolves, creating a watercolour effect. This allows for a range of effects and techniques that are not possible with regular coloured pencils, such as washes of colour, gradients, and watercolour-like blending.

In essence, watercolour pencils offer the precision of coloured pencils with the added versatility of watercolour paint. 

Watercolour School of Fish Set
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