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Watercolour / Watercolour Sets

Discover the World of Colour with Derivan Watercolour Sets

At Derivan, we offer a diverse range of watercolour sets that cater to artists of all skill levels. Whether you're starting your artistic journey or a seasoned professional, our watercolour sets provide the perfect palette to bring your creative visions to life. A watercolour set is not what you are after? Find  single watercolours here 

Our watercolour sets are more than just a collection of colours. They are a gateway to endless creative possibilities. Handmade in Sydney, Australia, each set features a selection of our high-quality Derivan Watercolours. Available in various configurations, our sets are designed to inspire and facilitate your artistic expression.

Our watercolour tube sets offer a spectrum of vibrant colours, enabling artists to create various effects and achieve realistic results. Each set includes five tubes of our premium Derivan Watercolours, promising you a superior painting experience with every stroke.

 All colours can be mixed to form bright secondary and tertiary colours. They will not get confused like some brands of acrylic paints in this category.

Selecting a Derivan watercolour set depends on your artistic aspirations and personal preferences:

Your Artistic Goals: If you're drawn to painting landscapes, consider our sets that offer a variety of greens and blues, like the Derivan Watercolour Primary Set. This set is specially curated to help you capture the beauty of nature in your artwork.
Your Skill Level: A basic primary set might be more suitable if you're just starting your watercolour journey. It provides all the essential colours to understand colour mixing and create various hues.
Interest in Guided Projects: If you enjoy following step-by-step instructions or want a more structured approach to your painting, consider our project-based sets. These sets provide you with a selection of colours and include detailed instructions to guide you in creating a specific artwork.
Remember, the best Derivan watercolour set for you is the one that aligns with your artistic goals and inspires you to create!

We offer project-based sets for those seeking a more structured approach to their artistic journey. Each set includes everything you need to complete a project, from the necessary colours to step-by-step instructions. It's never been easier to create a masterpiece! We even have some projects  online to get you started 

 Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a budding artist or seeking to expand your own artistic toolkit, our Derivan Watercolour Sets are the ideal choice. Explore our range today and discover the vibrant world of Derivan Watercolours.

 Derivan water colour is a non-toxic water-based  paint that bears the certification seal of the Arts and Craft Materials Institute of the United States (AP Label), which is safe for artists to use. The Derivan watercolour range contains no heavy metals, lead or toxic solvents. Click for the Safety Data Sheet