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Why buy Derivan Watercolours?

We are glad you asked,  When you Buy Watercolour Supplies online you are safe in the knowledge that our watercolours are hand made and filled in Sydney, Australia. Using traditional methods, we carefully stone mill to enhance and retain the luminous nature of each pigment selected, Derivan Watercolours are available in 24 brilliant colours, covering the full-colour spectrum. Each colour in the range has been tested for granulation, transparency, staining and permanence. 

When Derivan set out to create our first watercolour range, we wanted to create a quality product that understood both the role of water in using watercolour and the play of Australian light on colour. While many watercolours have their genesis in Europe, we looked at the colours around us. Australian light is unique in its clarity, and the colours we see around us exemplify this quality. Our final range of 24 colours is testimony to our awareness of light colours' interplay and our desire to create products developed and manufactured in Australia.

Derivan Watercolours are the result of precisely selected pigments dispersed in a fluid solution of pure Gum Arabic and the addition, in some cases, of Oxgall, which ensures optimal flow off the brush of the Derivan watercolours. 

Derivan watercolour tubes lying down with watercolour in the background





Are you new to watercolour painting?


Derivan Watercolour Pad
6.00 6.00 6.0 AUD Add to Cart

6.60 6.60 inc GST

Derivan Travel Brush | Watercolour Brush
7.72 7.72 7.72 AUD Add to Cart

8.49 8.49 inc GST

Watercolour Paint
8.92 8.92 8.92 AUD Add to Cart

9.81 9.81 inc GST

Derivan Folding Palette
13.92 13.92 13.92 AUD Add to Cart

15.31 15.31 inc GST

Derivan Watercolour Sketchbook
16.68 16.68 16.68 AUD Add to Cart

18.35 18.35 inc GST

Watercolour Brush Set - Derivan
17.40 17.40 17.400000000000002 AUD Add to Cart

19.14 19.14 inc GST

Watercolour Palette with 10 pans
19.82 19.82 19.82 AUD Add to Cart

21.80 21.80 inc GST

Jelly Fish Watercolour Set
68.56 68.56 68.56 AUD Add to Cart

75.42 75.42 inc GST

Bird of Paradise Watercolour set
84.98 84.98 84.98 AUD Add to Cart

93.48 93.48 inc GST

Portable Watercolour Beginners Box Set
105.54 105.54 105.54 AUD Add to Cart

116.09 116.09 inc GST

Online orders from Derivan FAQ

About Us 

We are a second-generation family business and have been proudly making paint here at the Derivan Factory for over 50 years – located in Rhodes, Sydney Australia. We are never out of stock as we make it on site.

Where do we ship to?

Online ordering is only available in Australia at the moment for international orders please contact us @ [email protected]


What payment methods do you accept for online orders?


We accept Visa and MasterCard on our website.

Our sales staff can also process other payment types manually, contact us and we can do  your order over the phone.  


How can I track my internet order 

Our staff will be more than happy to provide you with a tracking number, call us on 02 97362022 or email us with your order number and we will send you your tracking number.


When will my order be dispatched?

For all orders received before noon, your order is dispatched the same day and next day after 12 pm. It is the utmost importance to get your order to you as swiftly as possible.


Is your product Australian Made?

All our paint is made here on-site at the Derivan Factory our customers are often surprised to hear that we manufacture our paint in Australia. Yes, it is proudly Australian  ma de, and you can be confident your online order is factory fresh with quality raw materials.