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Face And Body Paint / Fake Blood

Why Derivan Fake Blood is the Ultimate Game-Changer in Fake Blood Makeup

So, you're searching for the perfect fake blood for your next horror film or Halloween bash? Look no further! Derivan Fake Blood has got you covered—literally and metaphorically.

The Extra Perks of Derivan Fake Blood

Sizes? We've got plenty. From a compact Fake Blue 36ml to a whopping Fake blood  2L bottle with a built-in nozzle for controlled pouring, Derivan Fake Blood is as versatile as it is realistic.

Realism that Will Make You Do a Double Take

You know that moment when you see something so real, you must touch it to ensure it's fake? That's Derivan Fake Blood for you. Its texture and consistency mimic real blood so convincingly you might scare yourself. And yes, this one has a pleasant aroma, unlike other fake blood that smell like chemicals. Bonus!

How to Apply Fake Blood Like a Pro

Whether you're dressing up as a zombie or pulling off a fake accident for a video, the application is key. You can use your fingers, sponges, and even cotton swabs with Derivan. Want to get extra fancy? Squirt it straight from the bottle! But hey, if you're layering it over makeup, do a quick test patch on your hand first. Safety first, people!

Gravity Matters!

Here's a pro tip: Fake blood flows differently depending on your body's position. If you're simulating a road accident, apply the blood while lying down to get that realistic gravity-driven effect.

Get Creative with Splatter and Layering Techniques

Looking for a splattered blood effect? Easy peasy. Dip your fingers in a bowl of Derivan Fake Blood and flick away. A light base layer will do wonders for wounds that look like they're seeping blood. Use a hairdryer on a low setting to speed up the drying, and then go wild with your layering.

It Plays Well with Others

Do you have some Derivan Face and Body Paint lying around? Good news! You can layer it under your fake blood for some gory, ghoulish effects.

Cleanup Tips and Safety Measures

Let's be honest; the only downside to fake blood is the mess it can make. To keep your surroundings and yourself stain-free, consider applying it outdoors. And for the love of all things scary, don't put it in your mouth, eyes, or ears!

Stain Removal 101

Accidents happen, but stains shouldn't last forever.  A little sugar in your handwash can go a long way for stubborn skin stains.

So, why settle for subpar fake blood when you can have Derivan? The blood you'll love to be scared of.