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Watercolour / Surface Preparation

Go Beyond the Paper—Expand Your Artistic Horizons

Why limit yourself to traditional methods? With Derivan Watercolour Ground, you can turn almost any surface into a surface ready for watercolour 

Transform Your Mediums: Unveiling the Power of Derivan Absorbent Ground

What Sets Derivan Watercolour Ground Apart?

Our unique absorbent primer is more than just a ground—it's an invitation to rethink what watercolour art can be. From glass to fabric to wood, your canvas options are virtually limitless.

The Buzz Down Under: Why Aussie Artists Choose Derivan

Crafted right here in Australia, Derivan Watercolour Ground is quickly becoming the preferred choice for artists nationwide. Discover why it's the talk of the Aussie art scene.

Easy-Peasy Application Tips for Derivan Watercolour Ground

Before diving in, ensure your chosen surface is clean and dry. A quick sanding for wooden surfaces, and you're ready to go. Pick your preferred applicator, and let your creativity soar.

Ideal for Various Artistic Styles

This ground is a universal game-changer from mixed media marvels to classic watercolour pieces. It's archival, and versatile and opens up a new world of artistic possibilities.

Make Derivan Your Go-To for Artistic Innovation

Convinced you need to try it? Reach out to us to discover how Derivan Watercolour Ground can revolutionise your art.

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