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Buy Professional Acrylic Paint - Derivan Acrylics

Are you seeking the finest acrylic paint for your art? Derivan Acrylics, the top choice for professional artists globally, offers 24 vibrant colours, including unique shades inspired by Australia. Renowned for its superior pigment concentration and blending capabilities, Derivan ensures every hue you need for your masterpiece, large or small. Experience consistent coverage and enduring vibrancy with our professional acrylic paints. Explore our range, from classic primaries to distinctive Australian hues, and let our selection inspire and elevate your artistry. Your perfect colour awaits with Derivan Acrylics.

Our acrylic artist paintings have always been popular. At Derivan, we are always looking to improve our products and that is exactly what we have done with this product. We have re-evaluated some of the formulas and integrated them into a new range of colour systems. 

This new system includes not only acrylic paint, but also watercolour and oil paint . As part of this system, the Derivan Acrylic acrylic colour range is consistent on two other different substrates, watercolours and oils. 

Why a consistent range of colours for three different types of paint? This can be particularly useful when creating a multimedia project with single-colour colours, or for oil painters who prefer to apply acrylic layers before adding oil paint. It also encourages artists to experiment with colours they like, but in different formulations. 

All Derivan acrylics are also packaged in new lightweight metal tubes. Plastic tubes tend to return to their original shape after being compressed, sucking air into the tube. Over time, acrylic paint can thicken. The metal tubes retain their "compressed" shape, which also minimizes exposure to air and allows the artist to flatten the tube and access the last remaining paint. 

So, while we updated the tube, we kept our transparent cap and a dried sample of the actual paint color will appear on the labels of each tube.

Professional acrylic paints, like Derivan Acrylics, typically have a higher pigment concentration, providing more vibrant colours and better coverage. They also offer a broader range of colours, including unique hues not found in student-grade paint lines.

Derivan Acrylic is formulated to be used by higher education students and artists as a full-bodied acrylic colour. Derivan Acrylic can also be used in conjunction with various media to produce silkscreens, watercolour techniques, airbrushing and painting on fabric

 All colours can be mixed to form bright secondary and tertiary colours. They will not get confused like some brands of acrylic paints in this category.

 Wash all utensils, brushes and hands with water and soap to clean. 

 As Derivan acrylic is a professional quality paint, it is difficult to remove it from clothes once dry. We advise to wash the stains immediately with cold water and Marseille soap, taking care not to spread the stain. Dry stains should be soaked overnight in warm soapy water. Do not use hot water, chemical solvents or thinners. 

 Light resistance is the ability of the paint to retain its colour (or not fade) over time due to prolonged exposure to light that can cause a chemical change in the pigment. Ultraviolet light, which is one of the most destructive wavelengths, can very quickly damage pigments that are not resistant to light. 

Permanence is the intrinsic chemical stability of pigments against chemical or environmental factors such as light, heat, water, acids, moulds, etc. 

The light resistance of the paint is evaluated or measured according to several different standards, but the most popular ones are: 

ASTM (ASTM International): ASTM 4303(*) is a procedure or standard for the evaluation of artists' pigments. Ratings range from ASTM I to ASTM V, with pigments rated ASTM I considered to have excellent light fastness qualities (pigments will remain unchanged for more than 100 years) and those rated ASTM III-V considered impermanent or fugitive (not considered for artistic use). 

BWS (Blue Wool Scale): The Blue Wool Scale was developed to compare the light fastness of dyes for fabric processing. The scale ranges from BWS 8 (excellent light fastness) to BWS 1 (fugitive). 

For a painting to be considered artistic quality, it must be light stable or permanent, with an ASTM I or ASTM II rating and/or a BWS rating of 8-7 or BWS 6. 

Derivan acrylic pigments are all classified ASTM I or ASTM II, which means they are permanent. 

(*)ASTM4303 - Standard test methods for the light fastness of dyes used in artists' materials. It describes the accepted industry standards for performing light resistance tests with sunlight, fluorescent lamps, a xenon arc fadeometer, cold white fluorescent lamps or fluorescent UV lamps.

 Derivan Acrylic is a non-toxic water-based acrylic paint that bears the certification seal of the Arts and Craft Materials Institute of the United States (AP Label), which is safe for artists to use. The Derivan Acrylic range contains no heavy metals, lead or toxic solvents. Even if it is not toxic, it is advisable to keep it out of the reach of young children as it has very strong binding properties. 

 Start by selecting a basic palette of colours. We recommend for the basics  Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow (Hue), Scarlet Red Light, Phthalo Blue, Carbon Black.Then, apply the paint to a canvas using brushes, palette knives, or even your fingers. Remember to clean your brushes promptly to avoid drying and damaging them—experiment with adding water or acrylic mediums to change the texture and finish of the paint.