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Acrylic Paints / Kids ‘Challenge’ Acrylic Paint

Unleash Creativity with Derivan Challenge: The Perfect Non-Toxic Paint for Children Painting

Derivan Challenge is not just any children's paint. It's a versatile, non-toxic paint safe for children and babies. Whether it's canvas, paper, wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, or glass, our paint adheres beautifully, making it perfect for children to paint on any surface.

The Economical Choice for Non-Toxic Paint

Derivan Challenge is the smart choice for parents, available in handy 500ml bottles and economical 2L eco Pak dispencing paint is a breeze and no waste.

Colour Mixing Made Easy with Our Non-Toxic Paint
With Derivan Challenge, all colours may be intermixed to form bright secondary and tertiary colours. It's a fun and educational way for children to learn about colour theory while painting.

Easy Clean-Up After Children Painting Sessions
Are you worried about the mess after a children's painting session? With Derivan Challenge, clean-up is easy. Wash all utensils, brushes, and hands with soap and water.

Derivan Acrylic is formulated to be used by higher education students and artists as a full-bodied acrylic colour. Derivan Acrylic can also be used in conjunction with various media to produce silkscreens, watercolour techniques, airbrushing and painting on fabric

 Wash all utensils, brushes and hands with water and soap to clean. 

Kid's Colours Set
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