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Art Sets And Kits / Brushes

Artist Paint Brushes: Precision in Every Stroke

Discover the artist's most trusted tool: our premium range of artist paint brushes. Designed for precision, our brushes are the choice of professionals and enthusiasts who value quality and detail in their work.   

The Essence of Fine Art with Every Stroke

Our artist paint brushes are crafted for precision and durability. Each brush is tailored for specific mediums and techniques, with options ranging from fine synthetic to natural hog bristle hair. Our synthetic brushes' fine structure and strength make them a popular choice for oil and acrylic artists. In contrast, our natural sable hair brushes are ideal for the delicate strokes required in watercolour painting.

At Derivan, we understand that the right brush can make all the difference. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to providing artists the tools to express themselves freely. Our artist's paintbrushes are more than just tools; they're a gateway to a world of endless possibilities.    

Long Handle Artist Paint Brushes: Your Partner in Creativity

Regarding oil and acrylic painting, our long-handle artist paint brushes are game-changers. Designed for artists who prefer standing back from their easel, these brushes offer extended reach and exceptional control. Whether you choose our hog hair or golden synthetic options, these brushes will become a trusted companion in your artistic journey.

Short Handle Brushes: Precision in Every Detail

Our short-handle artist paint brushes are a perfect choice for artists who love working up close with their canvas. These brushes provide unmatched maneuverability, making them ideal for watercolour techniques and intricate design work. Choose between our natural sable or golden synthetic options for a brush that meets your artistic needs.

Versatility at Your Fingertips

Our artist paint brushes aren't just about versatility in mediums; they're about adapting to your artistic style. Whether you're creating bold, sweeping strokes with our wide brushes or applying delicate glazes, our brushes are designed to keep up with your creative flow. Our synthetic varnish/wash brushes are perfect for using finishing touches and ensuring your artwork is gallery-ready.